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Financial Packages

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Fixed Cost Rental Agreements

When renting your equipment we promise that our contracts will not fluctuate in price and each rental contract includes maintenance cover 7 days a week.

Fixed Cost Service Contracts

Whether you are looking at extending your existing equipment warranty or looking for fixed costs agreements on your current equipment we are able to offer comprehensive cover.

Purchase Lease Packages

Spreading the cost of your equipment purchase over fixed monthly terms can allow you to budget across other areas of your business. 

don't let finances get in the way of a smooth operation

Upon deciding the correct solution for yourselves, one of the most important decisions you will make will be how you finance and maintain your equipment. Fusion offer all-inclusive rental, purchase lease packages and fixed cost service contracts to help you do both. We understand that every environment comes with its own demands and budgets therefore we remain flexible with our financial solutions. 

A fixed-term rental contract from FUSION takes care of every cost from installation to breakdown cover which includes seven days a week maintenance cover. Many benefits can be afforded to our clients without the cost and worry of ownership including beneficial tax relief. 

Should you decide that ownership of the equipment is your preferred choice, purchase lease packages are available over varying terms to suit the demands of your site. Don't let the financial outlay prevent the ability to achieve a smooth operation. 

Already own your equipment? No problem! FUSION can still assist, we offer annual and monthly, fully comprehensive service contracts to fix the cost of maintenance to your site(s). Our service contracts are also available should you wish to purchase your equipment direct.

get in touch today

If you wish to find out more about the financial offerings available, please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives today.
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