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Delivering Best Value

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Cost effective

We provide cost-effective pricing by working with manufacturers to provide the best prices in the market for equipment sales and additional services.

Passionate about our clients

Our customer service is unique, our independence and family business values allow us to deliver a personalised customer service. 

Financial packages to suit 

Financial packages are available with all of our sales and services allowing us to support you the best way possible. 

our biggest value is you.

Fusion's value is nothing without its customers.

Remaining independent but working with leading manufacturers we can deliver suitable equipment at a competitive price. Working with our customers we provide you with the best equipment that is available on the market to meet your operational needs and budget. ASSISTANCE & ADVICE is provided with our understanding and expertise in the commercial laundry and catering equipment sector to achieve this.

With our excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE, you can be assured that our commercial laundry and catering support will give you complete peace of mind. We will discuss and agree with you on the correct support to meet your operation requirement and budget.

We also offer FINANCIAL PACKAGES to suit individual needs, taking the stress out of your daily operations so you can focus on what really matters for your business. 

get what you deserve

Your laundry and catering equipment should work for you and provide the best value solutions, enquire today to see how we can make that happen. 
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