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Dedicated support

With our understanding of the needs of the industry and excellent customer service, you can be assured that our support will give you peace of mind. 

Full turn key projects

We deliver & install throughout the UK, with installation, testing and commissioning to the highest level on all laundry and catering projects.

Project management

We attend to every detail, so you don’t have to, offering advice on bespoke laundry and kitchen designs to deliver on time, on budget projects.

Our passion & dedication ensures we provide our clients with the best possible bespoke solutions.

We are dedicated to making the day to day operations of your business run smoothly and our extensive technical knowledge along with the wide range of stock lines we carry allows us to be your direct problem solver from the initial call.

Anything from a part or invoice query through to a service call or turn key project is taken care of by ourselves from start to finish, acting as consultants we are able to advise and recommend to our customers in any given situation.

Our unique approach is to listen, discuss and understand your requirements before sharing our knowledge, only then will we make our recommendations ultimately leaving the business decisions to you.

Long term trading relationships are our biggest motivation, by remaining passionate about the relationships to our customers we know our direct support network will continue to be the driving force and motivation behind our business.

Customers are the heart of what we do

Speak to our dedicated customer care team today to see how we can support you. 
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