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PMV & Certification

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Certificate produced

You will receive updated and certified annual certification to prove your equipment is compliant.  

Fixed cost gas checks

We quote a fixed cost prior to site attendance so you are guaranteed the best value.

Improved efficiency

Not only ecologically but also economically: let us take the admin and service strain away.


We appreciate there are many daily tasks let alone annual tasks, dates, and safety checks to adhere to, and often keeping track of all of these can be quite stressful.

You may be required by law to have your gas and or electrical appliances checked on an annual basis. Annual gas and or electrical servicing by our team of GAS Safe Engineers not only offers a gas safety check and certificate but also a full service of the appliance. Not only are you improving the efficiency of the machine you are also ensuring the health and safety of the operative.

Once we have carried out your annual inspection and service we will take full responsibility for the processing of certification and moving on of all dates in preparation for the following years service.

Communication is the key thing here, once we have an existing record of your servicing schedule all you have to do is take our annual call in advance of the expiry date to book in.

Don't be caught out, call us today

If you would like to relieve yourself from the stress and tracking/monitoring of dates on various pieces of your existing equipment call us today.
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