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New Build & Renovation

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Competitive price & best value

Remaining independent whilst working with leading manufacturers allows us to deliver suitable equipment at a competitive price.

Bespoke designs and project management

From any stage of a newbuild or renovation, our project managers can provide bespoke solutions aided by CAD design and independent equipment supply.

Energy efficient equipment

Equipment supply to equip your laundry & kitchen with the most efficient, economical, reliable appliances available allowing optimum efficiency.

Delivering successful projects with pride, passion and communication throughout

Your new build or renovation is supported by Fusion's team guidance, with support and resources from the architect, contractor and developer to take care of every step of a successful project. We can support you from the earliest stages of planning and design through to installation, commissioning and completion.

For all your laundry and kitchen requirements we are able to manufacture and design solutions from single machine requests to full turn-key laundry and kitchen projects.

We offer expert advice on bespoke laundry and kitchen design to meet statutory construction and operating requirements, supported by full M&E CAD drawing service.

All enquires 

For any queries regarding new builds or renovation projects, we'd be happy to discuss our offerings to find the right solution for you.
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